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My Body  Emily Ratajkowski

My body is Emily Ratajkowski ‘s book of essays , in which the model reflects on what earning a living exploiting her image has meant to her. Since she became famous for appearing nude in the Blurred Lines video clip , she has enriched herself at her expense but, in what she once saw as a clear path to personal freedom and empowerment, she ended up finding it difficult to hold power. over his own body when you are just a part of the chain. T

aking advantage of the knowledge acquired during years in the center of the industry, she speaks openly and in the first person about what it means for a woman to achieve success through her own image , delves into the perverse dynamics of certain worlds but also wonders if , once learned this, it is possible to find the way to be a feminist woman who uses her own body to enrich herself in a world that has made everything a product.

Violeta  Isabel Allende

The epic and exciting story of a woman whose life encompasses the most relevant historical moments of the 20th century. From 1920 (with the so-called “Spanish flu”) to the 2020 pandemic, Violeta’s life will be much more than the story of a century. Seen through the eyes of a woman possessed of unforgettable passion, determination and sense of humor that sustain her through a turbulent life , Isabel Allende gives us, once again, an epic story that is furiously inspiring and deeply emotional.

Bad Women Maria Hesse

Since the appearance of the first myths, the universal has been the narration of men. That masculine vision that drew some and others told us how we should be (pure, docile, loving) and warned the world of bad women, whether they were vengeful gorgons, cruel stepmothers, problematic Pandoras or incautious Evas who bore the blame for our destination.

In her very personal version, María Hesse gives a twist to those passive princesses, perverse witches, bad mothers, femmes fatales , passionate madwomen and perfect secondaries, and from Madame Bovary to Sarah Connor, from Juana la Loca to Yoko Ono or from Helena de Troya to Monica Lewinsky, claims the need to find other references, new readings of History and inspiration to simply be women in the world in which we live .

To Paradise  Hanya Yanagihara

In an alternate version of 1893 America, New York is part of the Free States, where same-sex marriage is permitted. A boy from a distinguished family is torn between marrying a suitor chosen by his grandfather or choosing a penniless music teacher with whom he is in love.

In 1993 Manhattan beset by “the disease,” a young Hawaiian man lives with his partner, whose age and income far exceed his own, hiding from him his troubled childhood and his father’s fate. And in 2093, in a world plagued by plagues and ruled by a totalitarian state, a powerful scientist and his family try to find the necessary strategies to survive without losing each other along the way. This is the new novel by the acclaimed author of So Little Life .

Mrs. March Virginia Feito

Virginia Feito has achieved with her first novel what an established Spanish author rarely achieves: to have an impact on a literary market as competitive as the United States. However, this thirty-year-old from Madrid, with Mrs. March, has not only garnered good reviews, she has also already sold her rights for a film adaptation .

The story has been compared to Rebekah , Daphne du Maurier’s novel made into a film in the 1940s by Hitchcock, and also to the queen of suspense Patricia Highsmith. Although Feito truly claims to have been inspired by another master of terror: Shirley Jackson. In its pages a hallucinated and hallucinatory trip unfolds that can reveal a murder and secrets buried for too long .

Kingmakers the David Ebner

Following in the footsteps of content marketing, Ebner studies in this publication how writers, artists and creatives become the best promoters of their businesses through content marketing .  He explains that with their natural storytelling skills and the authenticity of their brand, they build relationships of trust with their followers who later become customers.

Content inc. by Joe Pulizzi

Joe Pulizzi aims to educate entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses. His main thesis is to build a loyal audience before you even start selling or promoting services and products.

All done based on creating the most valuable content, telling the brand story , to attract the right audience. In this regard, Sergio Ituero, professor of our Storytelling course: The art of telling stories , comments that this skill consists of “ the art of telling stories in order to better connect with your audience

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

This book narrates the adventures of its protagonist, Liesel Meminger, who has an addiction for stealing books. The geographical context is based on Nazi Germany in 1939. It is an exploration of human relationships based on the love of reading in a situation where death haunts their lives at every moment.

Never let me me by Kazuo Ishiguro

This book by the Japanese writer tells the story, in retrospect, of three characters, Kathy Ruth and Tommy, who remember the special years they spent in a school in rural England. From those memories, they begin to understand why they received the treatment they received at that school and how that will determine their future.

The rare thing is to live

Any moment in life is good to reconnect with the universe of Carmen Martín Gaite. We chose The Rare Is to Live because, through its lively tone, apparently light but very connected to eternal existential doubts, it festers that authenticity and that accurate vision of the essence of people that are the hallmark of this great writer. She does it through a woman in her thirties who, upon losing her mother, curiously explores the open family wounds not to close them, but to assume, as the title says, the absurdity of life.

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