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Biracial first-year medical student Rosa Steenwijk (Jade Olieberg) joins the mysterious secret society Ares in this Netflix Dutch series set in Amsterdam. What exactly are the membership fees to this elite, and largely white, group? In the first episode, a student stabs herself with a pair of scissors and Rosa’s friend Jacob (Tobias Kersloot) has disturbing visions of a terrifying black figure when he gets cold feet during their initiation ceremony.

Castle Rock

In the first season of this series, which is set in the Stephen King multiverse, lawyer Henry Deaver (Andre Holland) reluctantly returns to his home town of Castle Rock, Maine, after a newly discovered prisoner at Shawshank State Prison known only as The Kid (Bill Skarsgård) asks for him by name. Cue kids in animal masks, disturbing visions and horrific events as Henry tries to remember what happened to him as a boy when he disappeared for 11 days and how he is linked to The Kid and empath childhood friend Molly (Melanie Lynskey).

Beyond the Walls

After the occupant of the crumbling mansion across the street from her is found dead, Lisa (Veerle Baetens) is stunned to learn the man, whom she never met, has left her the house. When she moves in, she hears strange noises behind the cracked walls. She takes a sledgehammer to them and finds an ever-expanding world on the other side. The three-part French mini-series co-stars Geraldine Chaplin and François Deblock.

Beyond the Walls is not currently streaming but you can purchase episodes on Apple.

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