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In 2022, YouTube is the most used platform by American adults. But just because it’s the leading video platform and search engine on the market doesn’t mean there aren’t better alternatives for some use cases.


Dailymotion is a video hosting and sharing platform for uploading and sharing your videos with an existing audience. You can use it to create a video channel, gain followers, and earn money from shared ad revenue.

Does it ring a bell? It is the closest thing to YouTube without being the same.


  • Upload videos unlimited and free
  • Upload support for HD videos up to 2 GB and 60 minutes in length
  • Support for loading and playing 4K videos
  • Elegant Embedded Video Player
  • Creators can earn money from ads
  • Popular like Microsoft


  • smaller audience
  • Ads on all videos, even on unaffiliated channels


As a content creator or marketer, audience size is critical when choosing an alternative to YouTube.

Dailymotion claims to have 300 million active users on its platform. They are likely referring to an average of 300 million unique visitors per month, because if you look at their top channels and videos, the numbers don’t add up.

For example, T-Series, the giant with more than 190 million subscribers on YouTube, has less than 10 thousand followers on Dailymotion. Sure, they’ve only uploaded a few videos, but considering the most popular Dailymotion account, that number isn’t amazing.

Lastly, if we take a look at what’s trending in the video charts on Dailymotion, we see drastically different numbers than those reported by YouTube:


is a video platform that offers tools to host, collaborate, share, compress, network and much more.

It has an active user base focused on specific niches, making it an eligible audience building platform for some creators or businesses.


  • Support for 4K video upload and playback
  • Support live streaming
  • Fully customizable embeds
  • Engaged user base


  • The free plan is limited to 500MB uploads per week
  • The maximum video size for free users is 500MB
  • No ad revenue potential for creators


Vimeo has more than 200 million users, which is just 9% of YouTube’s total audience.

But unlike Dailymotion, Vimeo has a core of active users who maintain a thriving community.

While YouTube is home to all kinds of creators covering a myriad of genres and topics – from travel to sports to gaming to DIY – Vimeo’s most popular videos fall into a small group of categories:

  • short films
  • nature videos
  • extreme sports
  • Music videos
  • animations

The community celebrates creativity and will happily share your work if you meet their filmmaking standards.

Vimeo also has a page of human-curated short film selections and premieres:

Many professionals in the sector also prefer the Vimeo player, so uploading your showreel to the platform is worth it.

If you are an entrepreneur who needs a video hosting service for your website, Vimeo offers a much better embedded video player than Youtube.

You can customize the embed code directly and create full-screen videos that start automatically, without the need for any third-party tools or services:

Facebook Watch

Facebook has bet on video in recent years. It has even launched Facebook Watch, a feature that allows you to search and watch the videos that are trending based on your interests and your viewing history.

The interface is quite different from YouTube, but the content and the audience tend to match.

In many ways, Facebook is now a full-fledged competitor in the video hosting/sharing space.


  • Greater potential audience and reach than YouTube
  • Native videos are shared on Facebook
  • Option to earn money with ads
  • Supports files up to 10 GB and 4 hours in length
  • Custom audiences for retargeting campaigns
  • live streaming


  • Maximum resolution limited to 1080p
  • Clunky embeds


With nearly 3 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the only alternative with a larger user base than YouTube.

Now, video sharing is not the main purpose of Facebook, but it has become an important part of the user experience on the platform. You just have to look at your timeline and see for yourself, or read the latest Facebook statistics .

In the past, Facebook video publishers have surpassed 3 billion views in a single month. Some, like LADbible , started and built their audience entirely on Facebook, while NasDaily, a popular travel vlogger, regularly racks up tens of millions of views on its videos.

And because Facebook has an ad-based model, successful creators get a cut of the revenue and stay.

Facebook can also be a great sandbox for businesses to reach new audiences with their video marketing efforts.

Great alternative for:

  • Travel vloggers, YouTube chefs and other content creators
  • Small businesses that want to reach new audiences with their videos
  • Marketers looking to build initial audiences for future Facebook marketing campaigns


Rounding out our list of the best alternatives to YouTube is a platform called Metacafe . The concept is as simple as it comes, but it is very effective.

It offers users and publishers a simple and easy-to-use platform for uploading and browsing content.

Metacafe has a huge following online, and its site is in the top three in the United States. As of this publication, Metacafe has 12 million monthly unique visitors.

Their platform is a great way to spread your message, keeping the videos short and to the point.


  • Useful for reviews, music videos and news clips
  • Content for the whole family


  • Metacafe limits video uploads to 100 MB, so it is not a good solution for long videos

The king of short video

This is the entire premise of the Metacafe platform. All videos on the platform are short format. Most of the users of the platform keep their videos between 90 and 180 seconds.

An additional measure has also been taken to ensure that the style of the short videos is respected. Users will not be able to upload any video file that exceeds 100 MB.

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